#01 - 2007/10/25 - Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey, USA


Location: Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey, USA

Capacity: 14.000

Attendance: 13.832

Revenue: $ 1.637.907

Support Act: My Chemical Romance



01. Lost Highway

02. You Give Love A Bad Name

03. Summertime

04. Born To By My Baby

05. Just Older

06. Whole Lot Of Leavin'

07. (You Want To) Make A Memory

08. It's My Life

09. We Got It Goin' On

10. Have A Nice Day

11. In These Arms

12. These Days (Richie Sambora on lead vocals)

13. Seat Next To You

14. Blaze Of Glory (TLFR style)

15. I Love This Town

16. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

17. Raise Your Hands

18. Bad Medicine w/ Shout

19. Who Says You Can't Go Home



20. Any Other Day

21. Blood On Blood

22. Livin' On A Prayer

23. Wanted Dead Or Alive



  • The first show of the Lost Highway tour and the first of 10 shows in the Prudential Center, which officially opened with this concert series. Actually Bon Jovi's plan was to promote Lost Highway with those 10 shows only but changed their plans after the album and those 10 shows sold well. Before starting the song Summertime Jon announced the upcoming world tour.
  • While Bobby Bandiera (guitar) and Jeff Kazee (keyboards) joined them on the Have A Nice Day tour this time around Bobby Bandiera (guitar), Lorenca Ponce (violin) and Kurt Johnston (pedal steel guitar) were hired as additional musicians.
  • The stage was designed like a bar. Instead of the usual intro the band members took the stage one by one with Kurt Johnston being the first and starting to play Lost Highway by Hank Williams. Every following band member joined in and when finally Jon came out last they started the show with their own song Lost Highway. That was a cool intro which suited that country setting very well.
  • Like on the two previous tours Richie Sambora sang a song during the show. While he used to sing I'll Be There For You this was the very first time he took over lead vocals on These Days.
  • Blaze Of Glory was performed in the This Left Feels Right style they already did on the Have A Nice Day tour.
  • 8 songs from their current album Lost Highway were perfomed.



Some vids from that night (not mine):