#92 - 2008/06/28 - Twickenham Stadium, London, England


Location: Twickenham Stadium, London, England

Capacity: 46.426

Attendance: 46.426

Revenue: $ 4.458.033

Support Act: The Feeling



01. Rockin' All Over The World

02. Lost Highway

03. Born To Be My Baby

04. You Give Love A Bad Name

05. Summertime

06. Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars

07. I'll Sleep When I''m Dead w/ Mercy & Jumpin' Jack Flash

08. Blood Money

09. Blaze Of Glory

10. Any Other Day

11 In These Arms

12. We Got It Goin' On

13. It's My Life

14. Keep The Faith

15. I'll Be There For You (Richie Sambora on lead vocals)

16. Have A Nice Day

17. I Believe

18. Who Says You Can't Go Home

19. Bad Medicine w/ Shout

20. Livin' On A Prayer



21. Always

22. Wanted Dead Or Alive

23. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night

24. I Love This Town

25. Twist & Shout



  • The last show of the European Lost Highway Tour. Although it wasn't a bad show at all the band had already played better closing nights. In the When We Were Beautiful documentary it can be seen how Jon struggles with the planning of the free Central Park show and is pretty pissed off on the way to Twickenham. This probably led to him playing a rather safe set. Fans who met Tico in town before the show were told that I Believe, Something To Believe In and Never Say Goodbye were planned to be played. But only the first one finally made its way on the setlist.
  • Rockin' All Over The World replaces Livin' On A Prayer as the opener. The latter one is moved to the end of the mainset.
  • Summertime is added.
  • Blood Money is added.
  • Any Other Day replaces Whole Lot Of Leavin'.
  • Diamond Ring is dropped.
  • Always is moved to the encore.
  • Dry County is dropped.
  • I Believe is played for the first time since 2003.
  • Hallelujah is dropped.
  • Someday I'll Be Saturday Night, I Love This Town and Twist & Shout are added to the encore.


Some vids from that night (not mine):