#04 - 2015/09/20 - Marina Bay Circuit (F1), Marina Bay, Singapore


Location: Zone 4 Padang Stage, Marina Bay Circuit (F1), Marina Bay, Singapore





01 That's What The Water Made Me

02 You Give Love A Bad name

03 Raise Your Hands

04 We Weren't Born To Follow

05 We Got It Going On

06 We Don't Run

07 It's My Life

08 Because We Can

09 Someday I'll Be Saturday Night

10 Wanted Dead Or Alive

11 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

12 Keep The Faith

13 Bad Medicine


14 Runaway

15 Have A Nice Day

16 Livin' On A Prayer



  • Shortest show on this tour, only 16 songs.
  • The show took place after the F1 Grand Prix.
  • No Who Says You Can't Go Home, a thing that happened maybe once or twice before.
  • When Phil X changed guitars for the solo of Wanted Dead Or Alive, he had no sound on his E-guitar. So Jon stopped the song until they fixed the problem and started the solo again.


Some vids from that night (not mine):